Our Vision

Location: Campinas, Brazil

We are living in the beautiful city of Campinas for ourĀ  first term while Brian learns the language and we gain experience under a Brazilian pastor. We are honored to serve alongside Alex and Patricia Daher. Alex serves as the pastor of Igreja Batista Jardim Minesota.

Currently in Language School

Currently Brian is in language school, and will be for the duration of 2019. Christa already knows Portuguese fluently since she grew up in Brazil as a missionary kid.

The Need

Missionaries have been successful in Brazil, churches are multiplying, and the gospel is spreading. However, about half of these pastors have no theological training, and some of those who do have adopted unbiblical practices and doctrine. The church is growing, but needs strengthening.

Our Goal

To serve the pastors of Brazil by providing theological education and practical ministry training.

Our Strategy

Step 1: Establish Training Sites (role of teacher)

We hope to establish training sites throughout Brazil that will be accessible to pastors who desire more training. We will begin by providing the basics of a theological education in 9 modules over the course of 3 years, using Reaching & Teaching’s curriculum. These sites will be led by us, national trainers, and US teams of teachers. If you are interested in teaching at one of these training sites, please click here.

Step 2: Church Follow Up (role of coach)

We do not just want to provide a “data dump” and then leave, but rather provide on-the-ground coaching and training for local pastors. This will include hands-on training, counseling, and encouragement.

Step 3: Training National Teachers (role of partner)

We do not want our ministry to dependĀ on American missionaries, so we will be training national teachers and trainers right from the beginning. These men will help us teach at the training sites and provide church follow up.

Step 4: Ministry Training Program (role of mentor)

We desire to provide a ministry apprenticeship program for young men preparing to go into the ministry. This will include completing the 9 modules at a training site, participating in teaching the same material, and an extended internship at a healthy church where they can receive hands-on ministry training. Our dream is that these men will multiply the process throughout Brazil and the world.