Our Family

Our family has served as missionaries in Brazil since November 2018. Our sending church is Liberty Baptist Church in Dalhart, Texas, where I had the privilege of serving as an associate pastor for 5 years. We are honored to partner with Reaching & Teaching to help train pastors in Brazil.

Brian is passionate about serving Brazilian pastors by providing theological education and practical training. He holds a D.Min. in Biblical Theology from Southern Seminary and an M.Div. from Bob Jones University Seminary. Before moving to Brazil, he served as an associate pastor in Texas for five years. He has been married to Christa since 2012. He enjoys reading, disc golf, racquetball, and anything related to US presidential history.

Christa grew up in Sao Paulo, Brazil, as a missionary kid. She loves being involved in music and children’s ministries as well as supporting the ministry of her husband. Like a true Brazilian, Christa loves watching Brazil play in the World Cup and eating chicken hearts. She also enjoys reading, playing the piano, and making jewelry.

Caleb is 8 years old and enjoys reading, legos, and playing with his brother. He is excited to be a missionary in Brazil.

Josiah is 3 year old and enjoys soccer, legos, drawing, and interrupting his brother’s homeschooling.