Everything Is Bigger in Texas

Somewhere between Abilene and Lubbock

We’ve all heard it said that everything in Texas is bigger. It’s true, except for the Democratic precincts in West Texas, which of course are smaller. But for the most part, Texas grows things bigger, and Texans like to brag about it.

I was driving across West Texas this week. West Texas radiates a certain rugged beauty. The vast flatlands rippling with buffalo grass, the red dirt mesas interrupting the horizon, and lots and lots of nothing. It’s an acquired taste. And I think it’s beautiful.

It’s God’s country, you’ll hear Texans brag. That’s the thought I was struck with somewhere between Abilene and Lubbock. This is God’s country. God owns every crop circle, every high school football stadium, every cotton field. He owns it all. We sing this truth often: This is my Father’s world.

Driving across Texas I also saw negative things, like you’d see anywhere. Abandoned barns caving in, schools in need of repair, a fatal car wreck. I pass town after town that need gospel-centered churches. And I can’t help but wondering how God’s world can be so broken.

I meet a friend at a Midland burger joint. My bacon cheeseburger is good, though not quite as good as the burgers from The Grill in Dalhart. As we catch up, we begin to talk about why Christa and I are moving to Brazil. I give him a copy of our prayer card, with our theme verse from Habakkuk 2:14. In that verse I find the motivation to move our family to Brazil, and I think also the answer to this broken world.

“For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea” (Hab 2:14).


Dalhart sunrise

God’s goal for the world is laid out in this verse, a vision bigger than anything Texas has to offer. A big picture of an amazing God who will one day fill the earth with his glory. A glimpse of a world with no broken homes, no victims of sexual abuse, no hospital room farewells. A vision of a new heavens and new earth where King Jesus will make all things new.

So as I drive mile after mile (after mile) through Texas, I am reminded how big Texas is. But I’m also reminded how big God is. And what a big plan he has for restoring his broken world. And how a day is coming when every town in Texas will bring God glory and God’s people from every nation and tribe and people group will worship him for all eternity.

That is a vision big enough to motivate each of us to fulfill God’s calling for us. And that is why we are moving to Brazil.

6 Replies to “Everything Is Bigger in Texas”

  1. Thank you for your post. Love the verse in Hab. Nothing is bigger or greater than God’s creation. Nothing greater than His sacrifice of His Son Jesus! Imagine the greatness Christians have ahead of us in Heaven!!

  2. It is an amazing land that God has isn’t it. It was so good to see
    The whole family there in Chattanooga. It was a blessing.
    May Gods blessings be with all of you on your journey.
    Our love in Christ….

    1. Thanks Tom and Norma! It was great to see y’all in Chattanooga. Now all Caleb wants to do is go to Cracker Barrel and play checkers!

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